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"You can't feed your family on IF-come."

-Marcus Aurelius


   ...aka M.J. Capaldi was born in Providence, RI to an Italian immigrant family from the Lazio & Abruzzo regions of Italy. “My father was a janitor for GE and Citizens Bank in the early 1980’s as well as a landscaper, and jewelry manufacturer from home and eventually the owner of a commercial property where he set up a jewelry business which I effectively ran in my early teens”. I learned at an early age that there is no straight line to success but there is a key ingredient and that is hard work. I also learned that even the janitor of a successful entity can cash in on an equity stake as my father the janitor got stock in GE and Citizen’s that he eventually turned into real estate wealth. 

Early years was catholic school educated in a working class school. High school I had the best of both worlds as I spent my first two years at Classical High School where a classical education is paramount and because my parents valued a catholic education I was able to leverage my grades and talent in sports for a catholic High School more focused on Math, Science, and Accounting of which I took an immediate liking to as I was effectively in the jewelry business. I recall getting A’s and B’s by doing all my homework and studying in school and anticipating assignments so I could work in the business after school. Graduated from LaSalle Academy in Providence, RI in 1992.

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After having been accepted to Bentley, Babson, and Northeastern and having a strong affinity to Boston I did what my family felt was best and stayed in Rhode Island attending Roger Williams University where I majored in Business Admin and Finance. I learned I was pretty good at stock trading and analysis as I formed a small college funded club that took part in Wall Street college investment challenges. Our little group won the 1994 AT&T Collegiate Investment Challenge where we met Mario Gabelli of Gabelli Funds. He had a nephew Paul from New Jersey who was a big part of our team. Later that year Mr. Gabelli met with the University and donated a sum of money in exchange for naming rights and it is now the Gabelli School.

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Upon graduating I found it very difficult as a city kid from a small school to get a firm to sponsor me on Wall Street. Well that was not completely true I later realized I had plenty of contacts and offers but all outside little Rhody. In 1996 I was hired by John Hancock where I obtained my first license. I spent 5-6 years at a few different firms and my goal from the start was to just open my own firm and employers realized this and were quite guarded. I will admit I was a good adviser and very talented portfolio manager but just a bad employee as all the success I was accumulating was to elevate my status for eventual self employment. I never was and never have been a company guy.

In 2001 I founded Bellevue Investment Group with the top salesperson I knew my good friend Dave Banister. He and I had a 10 year run that ended with an eventual sale of the practice in 2012. 

During that time I have helped many small businesses start up in the Navy community of Newport, RI.

Between 2012 and 2015 I started and sold a small company in the voluntary benefits space that helps employers keep key employees by helping them pay off student debt on a tax favorable basis with a vesting schedule.  Having successfully sold two businesses I made a life style shift and began consulting for government contractors in the veteran financial counseling and entrepreneurship spaces. I will never forget how much those Navy families that helped me build my wealth management practice and I have been involved in many charities and social programs to enrich the lives of our veterans and enlisted.

Outside of my professional life I am a father of two beautiful young woman named Elena and Cecilia. I am married to a proud Polish-American wife named Jessica who is very supportive and talented.

I am professionally proud to be a member of the Turnaround Management Association, the International Coaching Federation, a holder of the Accredited Financial Coach designation from the AFSCPE. I am presently on the board of the South Eastern Economic Development or SEED in New England, I am also the Treasurer of the James D. Rielly Foundation of Bristol, RI which helps veterans and first responders.


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