Welcome to your Future

Welcome to your Future

There is NO substitute for Accountability Mentoring when looking to accelerate your leadership development and build a sustainable business.


Having direct access to myself and vetted affiliates content will enable you to implement highly successful and proven start up and growth strategies to enhance your performance (and confidence) in real time.


There are two distinct types of engagement that I highly recommend to improve  each individual’s circumstances:

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Kickstart your week with inspiration and the right mindset, then crush it!



Delivered on a timely basis, you can use this video to build valuable skills in our core areas of Start Up, Finance and Drive. Every week tune in for our short video which will often have materials taken from top coaches and trainers who help you with actionable items in Leadership.

With all mentoring engagements, you will also receive lifetime access to  Online integrated training & development systems. This content delivers a practical foundation based upon Special Sauce Consulting, LLC  intellectual property, and will unlock the key elements of "main street" business success.

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Check off the boxes of progress, prepared and ready to take on the next week!





As your Accountability Partner,

Marcus Aurelius' preferred way of working to drive maximum results is a weekly quick engagement that focuses your leadership potential. Our GutCheck Friday worksheet, to be filled out every Friday, is utilized to set your mental focus with timely action steps. 


Achieved by closely examining your strengths, experience, capability, and growth goals, then working to implement the changes that will drive the highest value for you, immediately.



Special Sauce

Special Sauce



Special Sauce Podcast (Startup - Finance

What's Included:

  • Monday Mindset:

An inspirational video presentation, set to kickstart your week, individualized and designed to follow:


  • GutCheck Friday: 

Our "end of the week"  Accountability Partnering service, helping you to be focussed and ready to take care of business in the upcoming week.



When you order the SpecialSauce Packet (six month subscription) not only will you get access to BOTH packets for

half the price!

...Members will receive a FREE 
SpecialSauce Recipe tool book
designed to help guide you in creating, sustaining and growing your business. As well as exclusive discounted rates offered through our Affiliate Access program!

A collective bonus valued over $2,000.


Limited time offer


(With order of six month subscription.)