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Every Entrepreneur's success boils down to one ingredient: ACCOUNTABILITY

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There is NO substitute for ACCOUNTABILITY 

Mentoring when looking to accelerate your leadership development and build a sustainable business.


Having direct access to myself and vetted affiliates content will enable you to implement highly successful and proven start up and growth strategies to enhance your performance (and confidence) in real time.


There are two distinct types of engagement that I highly recommend to improve  each individual’s circumstances:

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Kickstart your week with inspiration and the right mindset, then crush it!





Delivered on a timely basis, you can use this video to build valuable skills in our core areas of Start Up, Finance and Drive. Every week tune in for our short video which will often have materials taken from top coaches and trainers who help you with actionable items in Leadership.

With all mentoring engagements, you will also receive lifetime access to  Online integrated training & development systems. This content delivers a practical foundation based upon Special Sauce Consulting, LLC  intellectual property, and will unlock the key elements of main street business success.

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Check in with progress and check off the boxes of accomplishments. Prepared and ready to take on the next week!





Marcus Aurelius' preferred way of working to drive maximum results is a weekly quick engagement that focuses your leadership potential. Our Gut Check Friday worksheet is a one pager to be filled out every Friday utilized to mentally set your focus with timely action steps. 


This is achieved by first closely examining your strengths, experience, capability, and growth goals, then working to implement the changes that will drive the highest value for you, immediately.

SpecialSauce Packet
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Special Sauce Packet

Special Sauce Podcast (Startup - Finance

What's Included:

  • Monday Mindset: An inspirational video presentation set to kickstart your week, individualized and designed to follow:



  • GutCheck Friday: Our "end of the week" ACCOUNTABILITY Partnering service, helping you to be focussed and ready to take care of business in the upcoming week. 



When you purchase the "Special Sauce Pack",

not only do you get access to a wealth of growing resources...  


You'll receive the FREE SpecialSauceRecipe tool book, designed to help guide you in creating, sustaining and growing your business. As well as exclusive discounted rates offered through our Affiliate Access program! 

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Forbes Magazine article

The biggest missing element entrepreneurs and business owners have when pursuing their goals is holding themselves accountable. Without a structure in place, there is nothing holding our feet to the fire.

Entrepreneurs have hundreds, if not thousands, of opportunities thrown their way every day: a new way to market, someone selling the newest gadget that will "revolutionize the industry," employee challenges, and more. These may not be top priorities, but they still consume valuable time. An entrepreneur must be able to make a clear path to achieving their goals, even when everything else seems to be standing in the way.


Post Written By


Justin Sachs





When Special Sauce Consulting LLC, consults with business executives and entrepreneurs, we work with them to build very clear outcomes, deadlines and consequences to ensure their performance. 

  • Their outcomes must be measurable.

  • A bit of a stretch but still realistic .

  • And must have a clear deadline.

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Our clients tend to be confronted with one of three challenges (ones most of us are faced with): time, money and feelings of overwhelm. Guiding them to obtain clarity on their goals and priorities is step one, but without step two, building an accountability structure, they'll find themselves right back where they started.

One of the most effective ways to ensure you accomplish your goals is to set yourself up with consequences that are more painful than if you don’t accomplish your goal. A few years ago, for example, I noticed the biggest gap in my life was my health and wellbeing. I would not exercise no matter what. It didn’t matter if bought a gym membership, got workout partners — nothing would work.

Finally, I was in a business development workshop with some of the top leaders in the business growth field, when the leader said, “People will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure” — and it hit me; I associated more pain with exercise than pleasure! 

I knew, though, to live a truly balanced life, I needed to implement a consistent exercise regimen. The workshop leader said, “Set up a goal for yourself in the next week, and then create a consequence that is more painful than it would be for you to not complete the goal.” Said differently, make it more painful for you to fail than to succeed.

Rock Climber

So, I said, “If I don’t exercise twice in the next week, I will pay Bernie Sanders $100 for every time I don’t exercise.” Now, regardless of your politics, I was not going to pay Bernie Sanders $100, let alone $200 for not exercising. It was in that moment that my exercise regimen began and has been in effect ever since.

Whatever your fear is, make it part of the consequence for not accomplishing your goal. 

Businessmen with Umbrellas

In other words, if you’re scared that if you don’t achieve success people won’t look up to you, then set a consequence that says, “If I don’t accomplish this goal, I have to tell 15 of my closest friends something unflattering about myself that I wouldn't want anyone to know." Imagine how important it would be for you to take action and accomplish your goal with this as your consequence for not succeeding.

Now, here’s the part that makes it all work, the glue that holds it all together: If I didn’t have a coach to hold me accountable to paying Sarah Palin if I don’t exercise, then it would be very easy for me to not exercise and not pay Sarah Palin. Then I am out of integrity with two goals (exercising and the consequence of not exercising), and I’m in an even worse position.

1. Make sure it's not someone you are too personal with. This includes family members, close friends and business partners. The reason for this is that these are generally the people you know how to con with your excuses. When you don't achieve your goal, you know how to convince them its okay, and they are usually the first to accept that you'll just do it next week.

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So how do you find an ACCOUNTABILITY

2. Make sure they are equally invested in your success. You want someone who will hold your feet to the fire when the last thing you want to do is pay Bernie Sanders. When you had the excuses of why you didn't meet your goal, they are the person who's going to say, "Yes but your goal was X and you didn't meet it, so you need to pay the consequence."

3. Make sure to schedule the follow-up. Whether you meet regularly (recommended) or meet when each deadline approaches, make sure there is a scheduled appointment when you set the initial goal so you know when that day comes, the goal better be met.

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With a structure for actually achieving your goals in place, and an accountability partner to hold you to it, I think you'll find it's easier to make lasting change -- and grow your business faster.

Mentor's Approach




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"Marcus has been extremely valuable in helping us improve our decision making and being ever more comfortable in the senior corporate environment.”

                                                                — M. Vidiera CFO VAE, LLC


We are confident that there is nothing that compares to our accountability mentoring. Although there is no shortage of coaches in the market, we’ve not been able to identify anyone with equivalent real world experience as Marcus Aurelius and his vetted advisors, who has also delivered superior results as a Director for Veteran Business Consulting for the Small Business Administration, A Financial Counselor and Mentor to disabled veterans for the CFPB another government entity, Owner of Student Debt America an entity bought by venture capitalists in 2014, and over fifteen years a top Financial Advisor and Investment Banker in the small company capital raising and advisement areas.  Still a sought after board adviser to Economic Development and Entrepreneurship focused institutions today. (Too many to list here)


This unique experience enables Marcus to combine a potent mix of coaching, mentoring, and management consulting to deliver an accelerated leadership development experience that is unparalleled.

Marcus has the experience and judgement to know when to employ these three elements to best effect:

  • Coaching: Helping to draw out your existing knowledge, capability, and expertise

  • Mentoring: Imparting fresh perspectives, practical wisdom, and alternative experiences

  • Management Consulting: Advising on busines